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Workplace supervision

Professional supervision is vital for success in collaborative work. It offers crucial support, guidance, and reflective opportunities for seasoned experts and those new to their roles. This confidential space enables staff to explore and contemplate workplace matters, acknowledging the influence on their professional and personal lives.

  • We exclusively offer professional supervision services tailored to support the well-being of individuals in leadership positions and their teams.

  • Our supervisors are trained counsellors with a psychology background who excel in supporting reflective processes. Offering practical tools for improving behaviour, shareable with team members.

  • In addition to counselling skills, our supervisors bring valuable coaching experience to guide leaders effectively.

  • As counsellors, our supervisors undergo external supervision, providing firsthand insight into its importance in a professional setting.

Our Point of Difference

What Supervision Can Include

Reflective practice

Situation analysis and problem-solving

Feedback and growth


Self-care and resilience

Action steps and homework


Resources and tools

Progress tracking


Accountability Check-ins

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