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workplace communication training

At Kōwhai Corporate, our workshops delve into essential communication skills vital for a thriving workplace. Our communication workshops are designed to cover diverse topics, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Assertiveness: focus on empowering individuals to cultivate assertiveness—an essential skill that goes beyond self-expression. Participants will learn to articulate their thoughts, needs, and concerns confidently and respectfully.

  • Managing Difficult Conversations: Addressing challenging discussions, we provide participants with strategies and techniques to navigate difficult conversations with finesse. By fostering a constructive approach to addressing and resolving issues, individuals develop the skills needed to transform challenging dialogues into opportunities for growth and understanding.

  • Communication Skills: Refining general communication skills, ensuring clarity, understanding, and effectiveness in conveying ideas and information. Participants learn to tailor their communication style to different contexts, fostering stronger connections with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

  • Resolving Conflict: Attendees learn to identify, address, and resolve conflicts, transforming potential disruptions into opportunities for growth. We explore how the skills acquired in conflict resolution empower individuals to navigate differences constructively, fostering a resilient and thriving workplace.

It is essential to note that our workshops are fully customisable and designed in collaboration with your organisation. These ideas serve as a starting point, allowing us to tailor the workshop to address your needs, goals, and organisational culture.

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