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Workplace wellbeing mentor

Our mentoring programmes are designed to enhance workplace culture by supporting its leaders. Our mentoring programme particularly emphasises areas such as promoting diversity and inclusion, boosting individual motivation, fostering psychological safety within teams, and cultivating a culture that prioritises well-being.

  • Providing a holistic well-being focus for leaders.

  • Supporting the cultivation of a positive team culture.

  • Addressing feelings of isolation within a leadership position.

  • Expertise in conflict resolution.

  • Enhancing emotional intelligence.

  • Promoting a work-life balance.

  • Supporting the navigation of sensitive situations.

  • Providing access to a supportive network.

Benefits of our Mentoring Service

What our Mediation Service Includes

Unlimited mentoring sessions for a 6-month duration

Individual mentoring sessions to last 45mins - 1hr

Dates, times and locations to suit individual clients

Sessions can be in person or online

Support between sessions

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