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Workplace team culture workshop/ training

Kōwhai Corporate Services integrates various theories and insights in our team culture workshops to foster a robust and positive team environment. Our team culture workshops are designed to cover diverse topics, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Cultivating Empathy: Understanding and fostering empathy within teams to enhance communication, collaboration, and overall team dynamics.

  • Explore Your Team's Value Proposition: Identify and articulate the unique value that each team member brings, contributing to a shared and compelling team identity.

  • Building Trust: Exploring strategies to establish and nurture trust among team members, creating a foundation for effective teamwork.

  • Boundaries at Work: Discuss the importance of setting and respecting boundaries within the workplace to maintain a healthy and balanced team culture.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Integrating the principles of emotional intelligence to enhance self-awareness and interpersonal relationships within the team.

  • Positive Workplace Relationships: Focusing on fostering positive connections and relationships among team members, creating a supportive and collaborative work environment.

It is essential to note that our workshops are fully customisable and designed in collaboration with your organisation. These ideas serve as a starting point, allowing us to tailor the workshop to address your needs, goals, and organisational culture.

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