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Workplace Wellbeing Training

Designing Tailored Workplace Psychosocial Workshops at Kōwhai Corporate Services

At Kōwhai Corporate Services, we believe that one-size-fits-all solutions fall short of addressing diverse psychosocial needs. Recognising each organisation's uniqueness, we've developed an approach to crafting workshops that resonate with our client's specific challenges and preferred delivery methods.


Our workshop design process offers two options to ensure a bespoke solution that meets clients' unique needs precisely.

Workshop(s) developed through data collected by the organisation.

Workshop(s) developed through qualitative data collected by Kōwhai Corporate.

Two options for data informed workshops

The first involves close collaboration with the organisation, actively listening to their concerns and objectives. Leveraging the organisation's data and insights, we gain a comprehensive understanding, crafting a workshop that aligns with articulated needs.


The second approach emphasises a hands-on, employee-centric methodology through qualitative interviews. Kōwhai corporate facilitators conduct qualitative interviews with selected employees to provide deeper insights into the psychosocial landscape. This ensures workshops align with organisational goals and resonate with the workforce.


In both approaches, the result is a meticulously crafted workshop through collaboration with the organisation. We pride ourselves on delivering practical, sustainable solutions that foster positive and healthy psychosocial environments.

Exploring the Scope of Psychosocial Workshops at Kōwhai Corporate Services

This diagram highlights Kōwhai Corporate Services' support for psychosocial workshops. While these areas are emphasised, our expertise extends beyond the depicted categories.

Workplace Well-being Training
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