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Strategic planning

At Kōwhai Corporate Services, we understand the importance of having a comprehensive and effective strategic development plan. Our team of experienced facilitators work with organisations and teams to help them create and implement a plan that will drive their success.

  • Meet clients to define session goals and gather supporting data such as financial reports, customer feedback, and market trends. Schedule a suitable time for an effective session.

  • Kōwhai Corporate facilitators determine session format, develop activities and resources, and establish decision-making processes.

  • Conduct a SWOT analysis during the session to identify the organination’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Develop strategies based on the analysis, concluding with action planning and assigning specific tasks to implement the strategies.

  • Establish a process for regularly monitoring progress and reviewing the strategic plan, resulting in a comprehensive guide for future growth and success.

Our Process

Why Choose an External Facilitator?

Expertise enhances strategic planning.


Impartial conflict resolution.

Ensures stakeholder alignment.

Focused, productive sessions.

Encourages open, honest dialogue.

Objective decision-making.

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