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Workplace incidence response

Critical incidents pose significant risks to your workforce's well-being. We offer prompt support for any critical incident or significant event. Our approach helps individuals and teams effectively cope with these situations and learn how to provide care and support for themselves and their colleagues during such challenging times.

  • Suicide Triage: For individuals in your company or team showing signs of struggle, we're available at short notice to assess the risk, provide suicide triage, and create a safety plan.

  • Hot Debrief: In the immediate aftermath of a serious situation, we offer an on-call response and immediate debriefing for those directly involved, recognising varied responses to stress and trauma.

  • Cold Debrief: Following a severe incident, we provide a safe space for debriefing, offering clarity on the situation's impact and guiding a path forward for the safety of all directly or indirectly involved.

What Our Response Can Include

What Could Be Identified As A Critical Incident

An incident can be considered critical when people feel a lack of control, experience a shock response to a severe event and feel very vulnerable. Examples could include;

Assaults on employees

The death, suicide or murder of a coworker or client

Accidents causing bodily harm or death

Natural disasters, including floods, fires and earthquakes.

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