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Workplain training in motivation, decision making, emotional intelligence and attention

Unlock your employee’s potential with Kōwhai Corporate Services, where our workshops seamlessly integrate psychological theories to elevate workplace productivity. Our productivity workshops are designed to cover diverse topics, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Motivation: Utilising motivation theories to understand and empower personal motivation, fostering a supportive environment for employees guided by leaders and managers

  • Attention and Focus: Integrating the principles of attention and focus for effective project planning, multitasking management, and daily organisation. Participants learn techniques to enhance concentration, thereby boosting overall productivity.

  • Decision Making: Explore vital aspects of decision-making, intertwining problem-solving and decision-making with a toolkit of tools. Learn methodological approaches and collaborative techniques for informed choices.

  • Transforming Habits: Attendees explore practical strategies for positive habit formation, fostering personal development and efficiency in the workplace.

  • Intellectual Wellness: Cultivating a holistic approach to intellectual wellness. We delve into various facets, including focusing, mindfulness, critical thinking, creativity, cognitive flexibility, lifelong learning, personal growth, intellectual stimulation, and effective knowledge management.

It is essential to note that our workshops are fully customisable and designed in collaboration with your organisation. These ideas serve as a starting point, allowing us to tailor the workshop to address your needs, goals, and organisational culture.

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