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Workplace Mediation

Our mediation service is a valuable resource to assist employees struggling with relationship breakdowns following a specific event. The mediation process allows all parties to express how they feel and work through issues with structured support.

  • Individuals and Team Mediation: We specialise in mediating conflicts between two individuals or within larger teams, offering tailored solutions for varied scenarios.

  • Trained Counsellors as Mediators: Our mediators are trained counsellors, ensuring a focus on the well-being of individuals during the mediation process.

  • Psychological Expertise: With a strong background in psychology, our mediators possess a deep understanding of conflict resolution and the emotional dynamics at play.

  • Strategic Feedback to Employers: Employers receive valuable feedback at two key points in the mediation – after the initial interviews and upon the finalisation of the agreement. This ensures transparency and aids in addressing broader organisational concerns.

Our Point of Difference

What our Mediation Service Includes

Interviews and including preparation for the mediation process

Recommendations of next steps provided to the organisation after the interview stage

Confidential mediation between individuals or groups

Contract developed and a supporting report shared with the organisation

Accountability check in

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