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Workplace wellbeing training and consultation

Introducing the distinctive essence of Kōwhai Corporate: Sam and Steph, the co-founders of Kōwhai Corporate and Kōwhai Therapeutic Services. With 30 years of expertise in psychology and neuroscience teaching, coupled with a collective 20 years of counseling and coaching experience, they bring a unique blend of qualifications. Their venture, Kōwhai Corporate Services is driven by this wealth of knowledge, aiming to provide specialised support to elevate workplace culture. Kōwhai Corporate stands out by seamlessly integrating psychological strategies into the workplace, with a dedicated focus on cultivating and nurturing leadership, employee well-being, and team culture.

Kōwhai Corporate Services is a trusted partner in your personal and professional growth. Our extensive knowledge and passion drive our commitment to your well-being.


When it comes to counselling, our service is defined by a personal touch. We firmly believe that the relationship between counsellor and client is paramount to effective support. We provide a free consultation to every potential client to ensure the best fit. This vital step ensures that each individual is matched with a counsellor offering the highest level of care and understanding.


In the realm of supervision and coaching, we take a person-centred approach. We recognise that genuine growth stems from within, and we aim to empower employees to take control and lead the direction of their sessions. We unlock their full potential by creating an environment where individuals are encouraged to shape their professional development.


We go the extra mile for our workshops to ensure a supportive environment. We provide two facilitators to allow for more individual time with attendees, fostering a space where growth and learning thrive. When working with groups, we add an extra layer of support to foster team culture or respond to a workplace struggling with burnout, stress, and/or trauma. We conduct interviews with team members to examine precisely what support is needed. Based on the outcomes of these interviews, we directly design the workshop, ensuring a truly personalised experience tailored to your team's unique needs.

Why Us?

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